Jeff Bhasker: "We did that album in about three weeks. Then we went on a world tour and polished it off in studios in China, Singapore, Brazil, and all over the world. It was finished while we were on a world tour. That album went fast which was a cool thing about it; that kept it pure. It's not an over-thought version of what it was supposed to be. It was a very zen brush stroke.


We did that album in about three weeks. Then we went on a world tour.


"With Kanye albums, we do go in very deep, re-think things, layer things, and change and tweak. But 808s has this sort of rawness to it which is cool, very minimal. It taught me a big lesson that keeping things simple can still have a lot of power and still be great.

"[The use of Auto-Tune came about] from the live shows. When we performed 'Good Life,' we set up the Auto-Tune so that Kanye could sing the T-Pain part. Once we figured out how to make that happen, it was so fun to do because it's like playing an instrument. Auto-Tune enabled Kanye to take his songwriting further. He's always been a great lover of melody, even before auto-tune.

"It wasn't really much of a departure as people might have initially thought because he's always been doing melodic things. Like when he said, 'Drug dealing just to get by.' He's always had great melodies. We took it to another level and did it more than he'd ever done it before. At the time, I was into songwriting so it was a good time for us to work together because we were both excited about melody, lyrics, and songwriting."