Where: The Jaffa Institute Educational Center (Beit Semesh, Israel)

Date: April 23, 2012

Songs Performed: None.

Huh? Yes, we know, we tricked you: Shyne doesn't actually rap here. But consider this: Shyne, one of rap's greatest long-incarcerated shittalkers, converted to Judaism while in prison. When Rick Ross's Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape came out, Shyne had some shit to talk on it. And Shyne seems to wildly vacillate between drawing attention for all the right reasons, and all the wrong reasons. But here, Shyne—in all of his converted glory—is speaking to a group of underprivleged Ethiopian Jewish kids who can't afford to have Bar Mitzvahs (or, at least, Western Bar Mitzvahs: A Jewish person is considered an adult the first time they read from the Torah, not when they have an absurd party and bad Glamour Shots to remember it by). In fact, he supposedly picked up what tab there was.

For whatever reason, Shyne was there. And Shyne took the time out of his day—whatever his days are occupied with—to talk to these kids, who, sure, might not know who the hell Shyne is, and clearly, don't even know what name he rapped under, but that's besides the point: We do. And Shyne, who kept it real for a very, very long time, continued to here.

So there's that.