Yes, that's right, Powertools, which is Power 106's underground mixshow that takes place on Sundays at 2AM-4AM, recently featured Crookers in the mix. While it's on the short side (a few seconds shy of 24 minutes), Crookers goes heavy with his own tunes, dropping a number of forthcoming bits on us.

If you're in Miami, you can catch Crookers at the following spots:

Sunday 3/17 - Miami @ Ultra (Worldwide Stage)
Monday 3/18 - Miami @ The National Pool (Camp Black Thong at Lake Woods)
Tuesday 3/19 - Miami @ Story (Skrillex and Friends)
Wednesday 3/20 - Miami @ Marseilles Hotel (Talenthouse Magnetic Mag event)
Thursday 3/21- Miami @ Mynt (Baauer and Just Blaze Party)
Thursday 3/21 Miami @ Yacht Party (Skrillex, Congorock, 12th Planet b2b)


Crookers - Giga (Ciao Recs)
Crookers & Lake - Meow (instrumental)
Louis Benoit - Clark Kent
Crookers - Heavy
Crookers - Laughin' Track
Crookers - Ghetto Guetta
Kw Griff - Bring in the katz (Crookers version)
Crookers - A Go Go (Ciao Recs)