Album: 12 Inches of Snow

Who knew that when Canada reformed its immigration policies in an effort to promote multiculturalism, it would result in the best selling reggae single in US history? Thanks to those changes, there was a larger Jamaican population in Canada which would probably explain how Toronto native Darrin Kenneth O'Brien ended up with Jamaican neighbors who introduced him to reggae music and give him the nickname, Snow.

Years later, Snow met Jamaican-born DJ Marvin Prince and they teamed up before eventually meeting MC Shan in New York. All of this cumulated into the smash hit "Informer," which spent seven straight weeks at the top of Billboard in 1992. Now, you might crack jokes about the funky white boy who spit hyperfast rhymes but remember: The song didn't just call out snitches, it was rooted in O'Brein's real life after he served time for an assault charge.

Context aside, we still felt like terrible cornballs for liking a song where we had absolutely no idea what the dude was saying beyond "In-forrr-ma" and umm..."I lick you boom boom there." Snow spun words fast enough to leave Bone Thugs envious, but you can't help but feel like you're engaging in cultural appropriation when the only reggae song you know is sung by a white dude from America Jr. -Insanul Ahmed