Album: Rebelution

We're not sure exactly when it happened, but at some point Pitbull said, "Fuck this rap shit, pop is where the money is at." He abandoned his street wise rhymes, threw on an all white suit, and decided to make "I'm in Miami bitch!" Music. What did hip-hop care if Pitbull went astray, it's not like he was ever gonna be the best rapper alive anyhow. Little did we know, he was about to become a bigger star than we'd ever imagined, one who only used the pesky "rapper" label when it was convenient. He made a series of hits that we barely noticed because they didn't get posted on blogs or get spins on Hot 97.

By the time "I Know You Want Me" came out it was a moment of, "Wait, the guy who made raps in Spanish on DJ Khaled songs has a smash!" Every girl at the club wanted to bust their fake merengue moves to this tune, with it's horns that sound like a marching band at Carnival meets Puerto Rican Day parade in NYC. Still, Pitbull's verses were terrible and includes lines like, "Watch him make a movie like Albert Hitchcock." (We think you mean Alfred Pit) What made it worse is that hook is has that whiff of delusional arrogance ("I know you want me") mixed with the worst pickup line ever ("You know I want cha!") but is still catchy enough to work. So why fight it? Put your drink down and sing along. Rumba (eh!) Rumba (eh!) -Insanul Ahmed