Album: Heavier Things

Heavier Things, Mayer's second album, is not John Mayer's best album. That distinction belongs to the bluesey sound of 2006's Continuum. But, the album marks Mayer's journey from his breathy, bedroom whispers on "Your Body Is a Wonderland" to a more meaningful sound. Still, Split Screen Sadness is the type of song written for young girls who intend to wallow in melodramatic grief and cry off their mascara to. With wail-worthy lyrics like, ""All you need is love" is a lie 'cause we had love, but we still said goodbye," the ballad quickly became an anthem for anyone who'd been recently dumped, and/or had dumped someone and wanted to feign sensitivity when they were already off boning someone new. These things happen. Listening to this makes it better. If John says, "two wrongs make it all alright tonight," we believe him. Or at least, we're going to play this in the privacy of our apartment until we do. -Shante Cosme