Album: Backstreet Boys

There's that scene in "Girls" where Lena Dunham is all, "I want to be happy but I never realized it" and starts crying while coming to the realization that she is, in fact, very lonely. That's the feeling you get when you hear Aaron Carter belt out "All the loneliness has always been a friend of mine" and you agree, nod your head, and reminisce on how lonely you have been since the Backstreet Boys stopped making music. Unfortunately, the Backstreet Boys were never lonely and "As Long As You Love Me" was actually the Boys singing about giving zero fucks about their girl's past, present, and problems as long as she loves them. Because, well, love solves all problems.

It's become a guilty pleasure for one reason, and one reason only: Aaron Carter is grown now (Isn't he on Broadway these days?) and AJ McLean is married. Why, you ask? Because at the height of everyone's Backstreet Boy fandom, girls wanted to be with them, and boys wanted to be them. Denying it? There is, without a doubt, a huge part of the male population that once sang "As Long As You Love" me into the mirror while imitating the dance moves from the video filmed at LAX. Now, we look at them as child stars of the past when we click 'Private Session' on Spotify but believe us, we're all still listening. -Lauren Nostro