Affiliations: Pro Era, Cinematic Music Group
Previous Releases: 1999, Rejex, The Secc$ Tape with Pro Era, P.E.E.P: The aPROcaplyse with Pro Era
X-Factor: Retro appeal.
At SXSW?: Yes

Though down with Cinematic, which allows him to distribute music through Sony, Joey's career maintains a sense of open-endedness. He's just a kid from Brooklyn who really likes '90s hip-hop. His influences are at the core of his sound, and somehow, he still manages to make his re-interpretation of great works of the past feel refreshing. Maybe it's because he's wholly vested in his youthfulness (he's only 18), even his iPod is filled with golden age classics.

Joey was rumored to have signed with Jay-Z's Roc Nation, but the thought didn't persist, and no official announcement was made. Instead, he's continued to push his personal, independent mantra forward, and to great success. His guest appearances on A$AP Rocky's "1 Train" and Mac Miller's "America" are a testament to his ability to transcend the style with which he started. There's certainly more on the horizon for him.

Video That Sold Us: Joey Bada$$ f/ Capital Steez "Survival Tactics"