Affiliations: Slutty Boyz, Louie V. Mob
Previous Releases: Youngest Runnin' Da City Vol. 1; No Secrets; April Foolz; Nightmare on E St.
X-Factor: Street rap with a pop sensibility on even the hardest hooks.
At SXSW?: Yes

What makes Fat Trel's rap style so engaging is a contradiction. On the one hand, his large frame is matched by his barrelling delivery; his image complements his music. On the other, he's a deft rapper, a lyricist who, when he wants to, has a surprisingly dexterous style. On his best tracks, which often can take on a portentous weight, it's like watching him defy the laws of gravity.

Trel's built buzz in his local D.C. area for some time. For a moment, he was affiliated with Cinematic Music Group, the same crew that worked on the careers of Big K.R.I.T. and Joey Bada$$, among others. Lately, though, the rapper has found a collaborator who seems more congruent to his brand of street rap in Master P, who formed the Louie V Mob alongside Atlanta's Alley Boy and Trel.

To date, Fat Trel remains independent, collaborating, performing live, and growing his audience online, organically.

Video That Sold Us: Fat Trel "Respect With the Teck"