Public Announcement "Body Bumpin' (Yippie-Yi-Yo)" (1998)

Album: All Work, No Play

When full-body jumpsuits were in vogue, these R. Kelly affiliates made the most of them, jumping and dancing their way around this spectacular clip, screaming "Yippie Yi Yo." It was their only hit without Kellz (peaking at No. 5 on the pop charts), and the video helps you understand why the record broke through.

The group was dancing "Gangnam" style 15 years before we even heard of Psy. Trapper's hats and sunglasses add to the overall ridiculousness. And to offset all the male gyrating, there are plenty of fine ladies. It's a blast to watch from beginning to end. Sometimes nostalgia actually leads to giving silly things from the past their rightful credit. This video is over-the-top, but it'd be a shame to dismiss it just because we've moved beyond it.