Nicole f/ Missy Elliott and Mocha "Make It Hot" (1998)

Album: Nicole

You've always loved "Make It Hot," but you wonder why you never heard another song from Nicole. Then you watch this video and it all makes sense. Her verses are crazy, but on-screen, there's no real star power or charisma. The most interesting thing about Nicole is how little she appears to care about dancing or anything else regarding the production.

Instead, this is a Missy video. Missy can sit in the audience of the video's movie theater setting, suck a lollipop for two-second cuts, and still steal the show. Then, lucky for us, Missy has her own spot over the Timbaland beat and raps it as she literally glides across the floor, spitting, "Me with no Timbaland is like Puff with no Ma$e."

Sure enough, Timbo shows up for a cameo. Aaliyah does, too. And Ginuwine. It's so spot-on culturally and even with a simple visual, every shot is just a testament to how in the zone Missy and everyone around her really was in the year after her debut.