Carnage might be one of our ones to watch in 2013, but he's definitely not the only one out there putting that trap sound on big room bombs. Toronto native Psychic Type took W&W and Ummet Ozcan's single "The Code" and just made this into a hard-hitting jam just in time for festival season.

After seeing the teaser online, Psychic Type knew "that it would make an amazing trap song" and with the help of the program Audiohijack Pro he was on his way to making the remix himself. 48 hours later, the remix was released and it immediately caught the attention of Hardwell's Revealed Recordings. "They were clearly scouting to see if anyone was doing anything with 'The Code,' and they said they were interested in releasing it, I just needed to take down the download."

So after pirating the song and putting his own touches, Psychic Type was given the opportunity that millions dream of: "They gave me a few weeks to make a better version with the stems which was amazing. The official release was like a mind-blowing 'big break.'" Damn straight it was! The remix premiered last week as the final track on Hardwell's podcast and according to Psychic Type, it's "spawned an even bigger opportunity." We don't know what that is, but we'll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled.