Will You '90s Babies Shut Up and Admit Rap Was 100 Times Better in the '90s?

There was no such thing as ironically bad rap

Poor, poor Kriss Kross. If they'd come around 20 years later they'd be Williamsburg sensations, with an army of hipsters buttoning their flannels up the back and rocking skinny jeans ass-forward (come to think of it, that might be more comfortable). In the '90s, rap fans had to defend themselves against a constant barrage of attack from people who thought that rap wasn't even music. We didn't have any time (or room in our cd-buying budget) for an ironic stance about the music we loved. Riff Raff? Riff Raff working with two of the most important artists of the day? That shit would not fly in 1994.

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