Will You '70s Babies Quit Talking About How Much Better Rap Was in the '90s?

Rap is far less homophobic and misogynistic today than it ever was before.

Homophobia's still a big problem in hip-hop—just look at the ridiculous backlash Lil B got for titling his album I’m Gay (but then copping out and adding the subtitle, (I’m Happy))—and rap still tends to treat most women horribly, but you have to give us some credit: Rap is more progressive now than it's ever been before. Back in the ‘90s even “conscious rappers” who were ostensibly “enlightened” (see: Sadat X) were threatening to “shoot a fa**ot in the back.” In recent years, veteran rappers like Jay-Z have come out in support of gay marriage while young guns like A$AP Rocky claim they don’t care about what someone’s sexual preference is. Meanwhile, Drake drunk-dialing a girl might seem pathetic, but we’d still prefer that to Biggie making a “love song” in which he threatened: “You talk slick, I beat you right.” Rap still has a long way to go (we refuse to speculate about whether or not there’s ever going to be a true rap star who’s also openly gay) but things have certainly gotten better than they used to be.

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