Will You '70s Babies Quit Talking About How Much Better Rap Was in the '90s?

We hear and enjoy artists who wouldn't exist without the Internet.

Without the Internet, we wouldn't have artists like Lil B, whose social media presence outweighs the presence of his actual music. He's still a rapper and people still download his mixtapes (dozens of them, at that) but what does it matter when his life is essentially performance art? Without the Internet, we wouldn't be familiar with the Tumblr rap scene, YouTube sensations, and left-of-center rap acts like Das Racist, a group whose first full album was released as a free download.

And sure, there are plenty of artists who unfortunately gained popularity from page views, but there are just as many rappers who wouldn't have been seen, or even more, heard without the impact of social media, blogs, and the digital media on the whole. Maybe they won't become big stars, but they do have small niche fan bases, who truly enjoy their music. That counts for something.

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