Zedd: "I think the cross-point was probably at Justice. I was in the studio recording a rock album at that moment when someone brought this Justice CD and I heard it and it just immediately made me want to try to make music like that. I've never really done something like that, I've done some electronic bits here and there, had some electronic elements in our songs every now and then. But I never produced a proper electro-song and I just started doing that for fun at home as a hobby.

"I didn't listen to that music, I didn't really know if something was good or if something would possibly work in a club or something because I didn't really go to clubs so I was completely new to the scene. My friends that liked that kind of music all said that that was actually really good and really interesting.

"So I just kept on doing it until I saw this remix contest and I decided that that would be the first time I would spend as much time on a song as possible to really make it sound perfect. That thought of, 'I wanna make the song perfect and not just do it for fun,' made me kind of work a lot harder on it. I  spent a lot more time on details. I ended up winning the remix contest on Beatport, that was like the first push for my career."