"50’s rollout was one of the most perfect rollouts in hip-hop. The first video, him introducing Buffy the Body in a Hummer. He had his own apparel. Reeboks and shit. That’s his first album, but it was more like he was a veteran. He knew what he was doing. It was real dope to see.

"It’s crazy that that’s 10 years ago. The shit has changed so much. If 50 dropped GRODT now, I don’t know if it’d be received the same way. He had a real story. I was into Fabolous, and Jadakiss, and battle rapping, watching Smack DVDs. But I can tell when I’m hearing those dudes rapping: It’s just for style. They’re trying to be entertainers. But when I heard 50 rap, I’m like, yeah, he actually did shoot that dude. He’s sounding mad gully on the record. That’s what I liked about him the most. Like, I actually believe this guy. I didn’t really believe Fabolous. Like, I know you didn’t shoot that dude 33 times like a Bird jersey or something like that.

"50’s shit was just realer."