"I was 12 years old. The first time I heard about 50 Cent was that 'Wanksta' video. I was still in the hood and shit. When 'Wanksta' came out, I was like, 'Who is this dude? Who is this new nigga?' And they was like, 'Man, he dissing on Ja Rule.'  

"'Wanksta' was aight. I thought it was okay. The video was hard. I thought he was gonna be a one-hit wonder. I was like, 'This just some new nigga with a video. Who is 50 Cent?' Then after that he came out with 'In Da Club,' then I seen 'In Da Club' come on TV and it was just over with. That nigga was my favorite rapper. I was like, 'God damn, this nigga got so much swag.' Then I got on the Internet and looked him up and shit. I ain’t never really have enough money to buy the album, to keep it real. I got his album from a nigga at school. I used to play football. We went on a trip to play football and dude had the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ CD on him. So shit, I just got it off him, he let me have it, and I just used to bump that shit like everyday. I remember my daddy had a copy in his car. 

"When I first met him, that was actually surreal. It was an unreal moment. That was tight. When we first started recording music together that was definitely a memorable time.

"One thing about 50, dude don’t never shut up. When we sit down, this nigga talk for an hour, two hours, however long you let him talk, that’s how long the nigga gonna talk to you. He got so many stories, and so many lessons, and so much shit he been through. I’ll sit down with him, we could be at a dinner or something, and that nigga just be rambling. It’s all up on you to listen, so I definitely be listening to him. He definitely gives some good advice, but he gives a lot of advice. If you cool with 50, anybody will tell you, that nigga talks a lot. Like, if he really fucks with you, he trying to give you some advice, that nigga goes on and on and on and on. He’s so smart, man, that shit crazy. I just try to soak up as much of it as I can. Anytime he sit down and tell me some shit, it ain’t never been wrong, it ain’t never no dumb shit. It’s always something smart like he know what the fuck he talking about. He a cool dude, man, for real. He know he one of the greats."