"Even a year before [Get Rich came out], I did two records with 50 before he even was signed, and he was about to get signed to Dre and Em. Not too many people had heard of him yet, on a national scale. So when he blew up, I kinda knew that he was gonna be big.

It was crazy, because at that time, everybody was waiting for the next big thing, and when GRODT came out, that shit was like...I don’t know. It just gave you this sense of like: hip-hop is still alive type-shit. Son was from Queens. Hip-hop was still poppin. New York hip-hop was still thriving somewhat, a little bit. 

Every song on the album was dope. Wasn’t a song on there that I didn’t like. It made you feel good, because being from New York, you’d see how the New York scene was starting to wane, and for somebody to come out from New York and sell multiple platinum albums out the gate? It was one of those things that make you feel good to be from New York."