We're trying to build your trust here at Do Androids Dance, and I swear this will be worth your time if you're reading this. If you haven't heard, Vine is an application for your phone that was created by Twitter, and it's quite possibly the future for sharing images. It operates quite simply: You touch the screen on your telephone, and video starts recording. Let go and it stops. And the upload limit is seven seconds. You can't go back and edit clips (a mistake means you have to re-record the whole thing), but if you're really creative, you can make fun and innovative videos to share with your friends. Imagine an Instagram with small video clips that works PERFECTLY. I've had a minor glitch here and there, but it runs incredibly smooth.

The cool features? It's the first video sharing application that people really seem to be hopping on board with (we will see what this does to snapshot). I only follow a couple hundred people on Twitter. Upon my search last week, three people I follow were on Vine. Searching last night? 30+. People are picking up on this very fast. It also creates a stream of videos, so you'll have a feed from everyone you follow. Scroll down and the video you were watching will pause. A new video will load. There isn't much else to this app. It's clean, and it works. And the way I was introduced to this application was the best.

The uncool features? Just like when you want to record video with your iPhone, the music stops. So if you're getting wild on a car ride and your phone is plugged in to your stereo, it'll stop the music. It doesn't utilize the flash on your camera, so shots inside dimly-lit clubs look suspect. And you CANNOT embed the videos outside of the app. You can link them, but we can't find a way to embed them.

Now, remember when I said you were going to have to trust me?

I spent a chunk of time last weekend in Atlanta. Kid Cedek was picking me from the airport, and was an hour late because of a hair show and cheerleading convention downtown. Whatever… the weather was nicer than Jersey and I was REALLY souped to meet this character. I've talked to him for the past six months and every conversation was incredibly cool. And this dude is funny as FUCK in real life. He's wild in the most friendly way at ALL times. As we get to a store, he shows me his Vine. And his is HANDS DOWN the most hilarious feed you'll ever see.

Cedek is addicted. He told everyone we met along my short trip (we were together for damn near 12 hours) about Vine. He vined Dell Harris and I in the car. Sofa King and I getting turnt up in the club. Antics while we were at the convenience store. Us listening to pop music super loud on the radio while driving. He has wigs, characters, cat aerobics, a regular partner to act out these scenes, and keeps voice messages about things he wants to vine. Last time I talked to him, he said he was getting a Vine tattoo on his dick and was pondering retiring from music to "Vine full time."

I literally watched DOZENS of his videos and was laughing for each one. He's also probably more active than the rest of the people I follow COMBINED. Now you can go follow him on Vine (@kidcedek) after you check these videos. As we said, we cannot embed these videos. You can certainly click on the links below, unmute, and die laughing. Each clip will loop up after 7 seconds. These are some of my favorites of his this week:

Bitches / Mollies

Nappy's Birthday

Cat Areobics

Hispanic David Blane

Soy Diferente

Mayhem x Antiserum

We have no clue how serious Kid Cedek is about quitting music. We DID see him on twitter saying he's moving out of his studio space. I'm rooting for him to get a job for Vine making seven second videos though. I cannot. Stop. Laughing.