The Grammys' Biggest Hip-Hop Mistakes: Snubs, Errors, and Embarrassments

Quincy Jones "Back on the Block," best rap song by a duo or group for 1991

Groups and duos have been a part of hip-hop throughout its history, but it wasn't until Quincy Jones came along to add his paternal legitimacy to the genre that it could earn a Grammy. "Back on the Block" had a pretty impressive lineup, but as a song, it just feels wrong to hear Ice T rap about his homies getting killed over cheery pop-dance production. It was evident from a production standpoint that Q wasn't adapting to hip-hop quite as smoothly as he had to disco. "Back on the Block"'s christening of the Best Rap Song by a Duo or Group category was even more galling when you realize what it beat out: "The Humpty Dance," by any measure a classic hip-hop single and genuinely-fun party song, which was likely heard back on a few more blocks.

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