12. Wu-Tang Clan "Triumph" (1997)

Director: Brett Ratner

The release of Wu-Tang Forever may have been the culmination of RZA's five-year plan, but we get the feeling the video for "Triumph" is what The Abbot thought it would look like. This six minute Brett Ratner epic is as silly as it is dead-serious: In 1997, America was scared of a lot of things, killer bees and mean rappers among them. Put those two things together in a War of the Worlds-esque fake news report, and you have paranoia-inducing genius. And it doesn't even look like just one long rap video, it looks like several different videos, as the visuals-much like the song's instrumental-adjust slightly for each verse.

The video's low-budget effects (or, low-budget in 2013) inadvertently work in the Wu's favor: The video looks as cheesy today as some of those kung-fu flicks the boys from Shaolin love so much. It's one that shouldn't have aged gracefully, but instead, aged brilliantly: If you want to know what it was like to love Wu-Tang in 1997, watch this clip, and you'll share the sensation of utter, joy-driven madness.