40. Sir Mix-a-Lot "Baby Got Back" (1992)

Director: Adam Bernstein

No question, it is one of the most beautiful and inspired openings of any short-form visual feature in human history: Two white girls (one in a fringe jacket) staring down a hallway at one fine video vixen rubbing on her assets. And when the beat drops and Sir Mix-A-Lot begins to declare his unabashed love for the female derriere, you quickly realize that he's standing on top of, let's call them buttock pyramids. Two, tan cheek pyramids and Sir Mix-A-Lot rapping behind ladies in gold ensembles isn't all-flashes of words, fruit posed like a butt, tiny fake cheeks everywhere, measurements, a mermaid, and a female in a skirt made of bananas-it literally doesn't stop. It's a four-minute ride of absolute obsession with curves that will leave you looking differently at pears for months.