16. Puff Daddy f/ The Notorious B.I.G & Ma$e "Been Around The World" (1997)

Director: Paul Hunter

"Been Around The World" plays out like another average day in the life of Diddy circa 1997: Show up to the airport in a Mercedes. A single white dove emerges as you exit. Click your spurs on the way over to the private jet on which your BFF Mase is waiting for you. Lift off and narrowly escape unidentified assailants who were chasing you. Sip a little champagne before making an emergency parachute landing when the pilot, who happens to be Wyclef, jumps ship. Land safely in the sands of the Middle East and dance a bit-on top of sand dunes-before being greeted by military personnel who transfer you to a royal party in a Hummer. At that party, you'll dance with Jennifer Lopez, and then, save her life. No big deal.