8. Nas f/ Puff Daddy "Hate Me Now" (1999)

Director: Hype Williams

The late 90s were crazy, sure, but this? This? Utter fucking madness. No words could ever do this video justice quite like those do except for maybe "Hype Williams, on dust," but, well, here: It opens with a black title card, warning in red gothic text that "Nas believes in the lord Jesus Christ" and that "this video is in no way a depiction or portrayal of his life or death." Then: Nas on a cross. Nas being stoned by angry white people, as he drags the cross to a crucifixion. Totally arbitrary explosions. Diddy screaming "DIE MOTHAFUCKA, DIE" from the top of a bodega over a crowd going nuts, in the middle of the night, in the middle of Linden Boulevard. in Jamaica, Queens, which they shut down for the shoot, and which-as you can see in the video-almost exploded into a full riot-mode during the shoot. More explosions. More fire. More crane shots over Linden Blvd. going apeshit. Nas walking into a strip club in a floor-length white chinchilla coat (and hat), with a censor blur over a clearly buttassnaked stripper, shot from below. Nas rapping on top of a cage. Nas rapping in front of the cage, inside of which was a goddamn white tiger. Diddy doing a variation of the funky chicken, while holding a champagne bottle, which also happens to be one of three instruments he would later beat Nas's manager Steve Stoute with after bursting into Stoute's office with several bodyguards, furious that despite his demands to the contrary, the version of the video that premiered on TRL featured Diddy-who is Catholic-perched on a cross (the other items used: a telephone and a chair). Like we said: Utter fucking madness.