25. Artifacts "Wrong Side of Da Tracks" (1994)

Director: Charles Stone

A song that's primarily about-among other things-grafitti (by a group who knew a thing or two about it) better have a solid video for it. And Artificats wasn't the kind of group with the kind of money behind them that could finance some truly cutting-edge shit. But watch the video, and you'll see both (A) one of the truly if not the truly crucial rap video clip about grafitti and (B) the first seeds of technological innovation in videos being sewn, even if it was on the lower-budget end of things: Not just guys tagging, and tagging well, but an intercut animated motion-feature of a tag being built, which still looks awesome to this day. If any clip on this list is massively underrated for how it holds up today-and needs to be recognized more for that-you're watching it now.