Album: Illmatic
Verse: N/A
Best Line: "That buck that bought a bottle could've struck the lotto."

Nas only invited one rapper to contribute a verse to his debut album-AZ-and he made sure not to get murdered on his own shit by him. His boy from Brooklyn made quite an impression, basically earning himself a record deal off the appearance, but Nas' birthday bars were on another level, and earned him placement in the coveted "Rhyme of the Month" column in The Source. He raps, "I woke up early on my born day, I'm 20 it's a blessing/The essence of adolescence leaves my body, now I'm fresh and/My physical frame is celebrated 'cause I made it/One-quarter through life, some godly like thing created."

Nas matures into manhood on this verse, and after reminiscing about "robbing foreigners," he decides to take a new outlook on life, rapping, "I switched my motto, instead of saying 'fuck tomorrow'/That buck that bought a bottle, could've struck the lotto." Sure, life is a bitch, but he was mentally prepared to face it head-on with a new, positive attitude.