Hot 100 Peak Position: 21

A partial list of places that Ludacris suggests having sex in this song:

- The bed.

- Down to the floor.

- The 50-yard-line of the Georgia Dome (while the Falcons are kicking a field goal).

- In the DJ booth of the club.

- In the V.I.P section of the club.

- On a black sand beach.

- In a public bathroom

- On the roof.

- On the roof of his Escalade.

- On stage, at a Ludacris show.

- In the pouring rain.

- In the library, on top of a stack on books.

- In the White House.

- In a sauna.

- In a jacuzzi.

- In the back row at the movies (film selection unspecified).

- In a barn (on a bed of hay). 

- On rose petals and silk sheets.

- In the garden ("all in the dirt").

- In the sun.

- In the shade.

- On the ocean (or in the boat).

- In a factory.

- In a candy store.

- And on the back of a horse. 

We rest our case.