The Gig: Co-Founder/Co-Owner, Rap Radar; Editor, Respect; Host of The Truth with Elliott Wilson

Love him, hate him, the polarizing Elliott Wilson's name stays being spoken in people's mouths. The self-proclaimed GOAT of Hip Hop Journalism, Wilson successfully made the transition from print (former Editor-in-Chief of XXL) to digital, with the 2009 launch of the popular rap blog (which he co-owns with Paul Rosenberg), and still gets his hands on some ink as the editor of Respect Magazine.

While criticized for solely aggregating content of rap acts in the "major leagues", rappers of all stature still care to get emotional when they're mentioned (or not) in his daily posts. Recently, he's become more vocal and visible on the semiweekly video show The Truth With Elliott Wilson, featured on Jay-Z's Life and Times YouTube channel. And as much as our favorite rappers claim to ignore the blogs, the likes of Jay-Z and Rick Ross' ears still perk up whenever Wilson speaks their names.