22. Ying Yang Twins "Whistle While You Twurk" (2000)

The Ying Yang Twins introduction to society outside of Atlanta offered quite the counterpoint to Disney's classic take on Snow White, and the most memorable musical interlude in it. And while twurking—or twerking, and its respective regional spelling differences—can be difficult to initially grasp, worry not: these two young men from Georgia are here to guide you through it. The duo really hit on a number of ideas that will later become a common theme throughout their body of work: shaking it like a salt shaker, for example. But what really makes this song a twerking anthem—besides the fact that the aforementioned dance is in the title, lest their be any misgivings about artistic intent, here—is that people seem to turn a blind eye to the lyric about a, uh, certain unsexy bodily function. That's neither here nor there: Just get whistling, and worry about everything else later.