12. Tyga "Rack City" (2011)

If there's something needed to take a sound past the threshold of Twerking Song and into contention for Twerking Anthem, it's simplicity. It can't really present too much to consider; it shouldn't get to your head, just in it, and it should stay there. It's a simple groove and a guy whispering about a fantasy land where everyone (including, yes, your grandmother) is on his dick, and where the women who want to be rained on with paper currency all have giant asses on which it can land, all over a thumping, three note bassline that might as well be the "Eye of the Tiger" of twerking songs, let alone strip-club sing-a-longs. That cachet alone takes it into the territory of "anthem," it's stupid-simple premise and sound aside. And sure, we could ask of Tyga: Where is Rack City? How do you get there? Who governs it? And must all citizens of Rack City, U.S.A. wear ponchos by mandate of city ordinance if they are without an ass-or diagnosed with the medical condition casually known as "pancake ass"-for Tyga to throw money on? And is that really the kind of eugenics-obsessed government we want to live under? Let us assure you: Nobody has ever sincerely asked any of those questions-or anything, really-of "Rack City." Not even your grandmother.