23. Trina f/ Killer Mike "Look Back At Me" (2008)

Trina is, and will always be, Da (self-anointed, but nevertheless still fairly official) Baddest Bitch. In her contribution to the canon of twerking anthems, she makes clear all the impressive things she can do before, during, and after sexual intercourse, which—surprise!—can also be applied on the dance floor. What gets a crowd going like an orgasm-tastic sample in the chorus, and Killer Mike's demanding she (and, as it goes, listeners) look back at him when she's...making banana bread.

Kidding! We all know he's talking about hitting it from the back. Meanwhile, Trina gets defensive, even threatening to put herself on a dude that runs away. The chopped and screwed chorus and clap-heavy beat flows perfectly with Trina playing to a distinct strength of hers: intensely sexually graphic lyrics.