21. Too $hort f/ Lil Jon and The Eastside Boyz "Shake That Monkey" (2003)

Put a hump in your back and shake your rump, are the instructions. It doesn't matter that "Shake That Monkey" was on Too $hort's 15th album—that's right, 15th. He's still getting girls to shake their "monkey." The nursery rhyme-esque, xylophone-driven beat is stupid-simple, both in construction, and to understand why it was such a hit: its crescendos and diminuendos become the rhythm of the twerk. But really, all Too $hort wants is to have a motor booty contest and pick a winner, and—get this—you don't even have to be naked, per his instructions. Just, you know, wiggle your "tail like your name is Flipper." In time, the lyrics get a little more raunchy and demanding than they started out, but after four solid minutes of Twerking, who wouldn't be turned on? Too $hort is the best dance teacher you never had: Tough, but fair.