2. Playa Poncho and LA Sno "Whatz Up, Whatz Up" (1996)

There was a vigorous debate over three choices for one spot: The A-Town Players "Wassup, Wassup!" Diamond and D-Roc's "Bankhead Bounce," or Playa Poncho and LA Sno's "Whatz Up, Whatz Up." Why? Becuase they're all (kind of) the same song, by the same people. But not.

The "Bankhead Bounce" came first (Elektra, September 1995), and introduced Atlanta's men to a dance that was as easy as it was addictive, and came with a stupidly catchy bridge and chorus. A-Town Players would then go on to take that part of the "Bankhead Bounce," and turn it into a full song on their album, which came out a month later (Warner Bros. 1995). But the definitive version of this idea finally arrived in the summer of '96, when So So Def's first Bass All-Stars compliation dropped. On it was this track, by LA Sno-who was one-half of the Miami duo responsible for the '93 booty-jam classic "Dazzey Duks"-and Playa Poncho, who also had a credit for another classic, "Koochie Kuterz," on the same So So Def album. It's faster, it hits harder, and it is the kind of song that was meant to be played at deafening volumes. The rest are classics, sure, but this? This is an ass-shaking anthem.