11. Nas & Bravehearts "Oochie Wally" (2001)

Hundreds of years ago, who would've predicted that the centuries-old practice of snake charming would be referenced in a 2001 rap hit? And who among those people would've forseen the brilliant metaphorical exchange of a snake for, yes, the male penis? Nobody could've seen it, because it's stunningly genius, is why. And yet, from the moment you hear the fluted medley over the thumping beat, you get the idea. And if you need any help getting the idea, here is the pride of Queensbridge to help you: "Take a look, you hypnotized/On how my long dick stretch your insides." See, in this situation, you are the one being charmed, but instead of being charmed by a flute, you are being charmed by the snake (that is Nas's dick, which is performing the ancient Indian practice of yoga inside of you). Like we said: Stunningly. Genius.