16. Ludacris "How Low" (2009)

"Rumor has it, that if you go low enough, Ludacris will appear in the mirror." In true Candyman form, Ludacris asks, and gives a resounding answer in his 2009 anthem "How Low" when he starts to appear in girls' mirrorsall while they're recording themselves. It's a dare, a challenge, a legitimate question, and a rhetorical question all in one: How low can you go? The song, which went double-platinum, features a sample of Public Enemy's "Bring the Noise" on its fast-paced, booty-popping chorus, which does Chuck and Flav honor by very much bringing the noise, though maybe less of a politcally motivated one. In Luda's world, his mission is simply to help his female fans bring it as low as possible, and that good samaritanism is reflected in just how diligently they do, in fact, drop it.