4. Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz f/ Ying Yang Twins "Get Low" (2003)

The Ying Yang Twins begin this legendary club banger by humming the melody in their grizzly, raspy voices—who knew the tune would become one of the most misogynistic chart-toppers in history? But seriously: Lil Jon talks about the sweat dropping down his balls, and "bitches crawling" to him. Also, he got the word 'skeet' on national radio stations easily (and yes, we eventually figured out what it meant). The infectious, simplistic beat along with the Ying Yang Twins screaming alongside Lil Jon is enough to incite a riot (of asses twerking their way to revolution). But if you listen closely, you'll note: Lil Jon bares his soul and explains the way in which he gets so wild in the club with women, that even the club owner tells him to settle down. And yes, like any truly great moment in this specific genre, the instructions in "Get Low" are exceptional:

1. Bend over to the front.
2. Touch your toes.
3. Back that ass up and down.
4. And get low.

It's not "The British are coming," but on the real: Like Paul Revere's warning, America was never quite the same after this, either.