19. Freak Nasty "Da' Dip" (1996)

One of the many (but nonetheless absurd) reasons twerking isn't an internationally recognized Olympic sport? It has as image problem. Not just for those who do it, but those who have thought about doing it, too. After all, twerking—or attempts to twerk—are bound to draw attention, and reluctant would-be twerkers might ask themselves: Isn't it only for certain people? Like those who would go to a club, and twerk? Or the sexually promiscuous among us? And who wants to advertise that?

Enter Freak Nasty, whose words of wisdom at the beginning of his indisputable twerk anthem "Da Dip" serves to remind the world that twerking, really, is for everyone: "This goes out to all the women in the world/Especially her/You know it/Don't even matter your age/Don't even matter yo color." He also didn't neglect to mention those of his own gender who should twerk as they see fit. As Freak Nasty put it, it's a song for everyone who loves to dance, and dance to this song at one point or another everyone definitely has. And just as is the case with many of the other twerking anthems on this list, Freak Nasty doesn't just encourage, but he instructs: "Just put a little dip with it/Now put those hips with it/Pop it/push it/rock it/roll it." If twerking were to want for a goodwill ambassador, there's little question Freak Nasty would find himself the man for that job.