17. Duice "Dazzey Duks" (1993)

"Look at those girls with them Dazzey Dukes on," indeed. Duice made an entire song out of their admiration for women in the kind of shorts that are explicitly designed to ruin the attention spans and/or lives of so many of the men (and some women) around the world living in a free society. "Dazzey Dukes" isn't just a twerking anthem, no: It's a rallying cry for any woman (and some men) who's ever felt self-conscious about how they look in shorts with totally excessive amounts of skin showing. Fear not, ladies: Duice wants everyone to see how astonishing you look in those generally inappropriate but no less fantastic shorts, with your posterior protruding as a basic sartorial requirement of them. What we're saying is: This is basically a feminist anthem, and Duice is basically Gloria Steinem.