8. David Banner "Play" (2005)

David Banner's whispered soliloquy in tribute to the female orgasm is a thing to behold. He's fairly clear about what he's attempt to do ("I'm tryina get yo pussy wet"), and how he would like it done ("Work. That. Clit. Come girl."), and what he will do in order to achieve his stated goal (including but not limited to: having sex with you until your bed breaks, or until your vagina aches, ordering unspecified). That said, we're still unclear about the whole 'work your finger like a donkey' line, but one can only assume that Banner knows what he's talking about, here.

But the real reason "Play" deserves to live on forever as one of the greatest twerking anthems in the history of recorded music is simply how much he demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the central conciet behind and appeal of twerking: The small distance between great achievements in twerking, and having the sex that twerking implies. And how does he demonstrate this? By attempting to finally bridge the two, in a simple yet brilliant mandate: He wants you to have an orgasm in the club, on the dance floor. To that end, if you can't twerk to this song, you deserve to have your ass revoked. End of story. You've got serious issues you need to get twerked out. You should go to the unemployment lines to see if they can find some twerk for you to live off of. We won't give you any. Not that you've done anything to earn it.