7. Busta Rhymes feat. Sean Paul & Spliff Star "Make It Clap" (2003)

"Make It Clap" reaffirms one of the ages-old fundamentals of twerking: Making it clap. "It" being one's rear end, quivering in unison so as to create the impression that one's posterior is, indeed, applauding, if not delivering a standing (or bent-over) ovation.    A mastery of booty movement and rotation so as to match the beat of a song is one of the basic building blocks of Twerking; it's going from a white belt to a yellow belt, it's going from crawling to walking, it's that first kick-flip. Busta and featured artist Spliff Star take turns explaining why they both enjoy the curves of a woman's body while simultaneously challenging her—or us, as a society—to make it clap. While the duo clearly articulates in the chorus that this song is for the ladies that are shaking and wiggling their curves, there's no need to be timid on the part of those who aren't yet shaking it, nor those who feel it's not their place to do so. Like a great tennis coach, Busta just wants to see the fundamentals. You'll learn how to serve after.