10. 69 Boyz "Tootsee Roll" (1994)

If you think a group named 69 Boyz should, by default, be producing brilliantly twerk-worthy jams, think again: The name's because most of them were born in 1969. That said, the group's twerk-ological pedigree is impeccable: Jay Ski (of Quad City DJs) is a founding member. Other members include distinguished southern gentlemen such as Reginald "Busta Nut" Gunderson and Michael "Quick Skeet" Fisher. But their names aren't the reason "Tootsee Roll" went platinum and spent 27 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 before peaking at No. 8, nor are they the reason the "Tootsee Roll", which was an instant-classic, remains twerked to-not just in the privacy of one's home, but in situations that call for mass twerking as well-to this very day. It's because the directions (to the right, twice; to the left, twice; to the front, twice; to the back, twice; slide, repeat, dip, repeat) are about as difficult to understand and follow as the ones you'll find on the back of an Advil bottle, which you'll no doubt need if you hear this shit in a club, let alone a family picnic. And besides: Who doesn't like a Tootsee Roll?