DO-DUM. DO-DUM, DUM DUM DUM. DO-DUM. DO-DUM, DUM DUM DUM. And so begins one of the most catchy, memorable and purely pop songs about the business of slinging dope ever recorded: With a mindblowing Neptunes beat that's essentially nothing more than a bass drum and garbage can snares being kicked over and over again, a re-up on bass every two seconds, right to your head. And sure, "Grindin" will, in large, be remembered for its massive, groundbreaking instrumental, but lest we forget the next-level coke rap we witnessed in the process: This was Clipse's first big single, and unquestionably the one that launched the confessed duo of former Virgina drug dealers to rap stardom. Again, that stunning beat not withstanding, Pusha T and Malice's lines were almost too slick for first-listen comprehension: "Platinum on the block with consistent hits." Damn. "The days I wasn't able, there was always 'caine." Eghck!