Better Than Original?: Yes

The first installment of Reggie Noble's "Sooperman Lover" series is a familiar story; the rapper lulled into a false sense of security by a fine female who turns out to be a man in drag was a staple of '80s and '90s hip-hop, from Schoolly D to Pharcyde. For the sequel (and to the song's great benefit), Redman took the story in unexpected directions. Whatever he was smoking at this point, we want some of that: Sooperman Luva runs into a woman he wants to get busy with, so he offers to take her to outer space, where he lives and has relations with "Jane, Judy Jetson and that robot bitch-AH!" Once he gets to space (and cops a dimebag from Jabba the Hut, in an appearance unlikely to have been approved by the George Lucas estate), he's promptly tied up and blindfolded. But just as he's being lulled into a sense of sexual security, his x-ray vision catches the temptress reaching for an icepick and....well, I'll leave the ending for you to discover.