Better Than Original?: No

Yes, we do love to hear the story again and again about the housing project that's given us some of the best rappers ever. This record isn't just great because it's nice to see QB united (however briefly) with the truest of OGs, MC Shan, along for the ride but because well, Nas is on this song. Hearing him rap over "The Bridge"-the kind of beat that probably played in the park jams when Nas was too scared to grab the mic and kick his little raps-is so satisfying because it's essentially his birthright to rock over this instrumental. Nas is packing heat too, he comes off with some of his slickest bars taking a litany of shots at Jay-Z and the Roc-A-Fella crew, further fueling the Jay-Z/Nas fued that would come to full steam on "Ether."