Better Than Original?: Yes

The sequel so good, most people don't even know the OG. "Shook Ones," retitled "Shook Ones (Part 1)" after the sequel appeared, was the first 12" released when Mobb Deep left the 4th and Broadway label for Loud Records. The song's concept was too good to leave to one track; "Shook Ones (Part II)," the lead single from The Infamous, built on the original's ominous ambience, swiped the hook from the original but improved everything around it. "(Part II)" had a more deliberate pace, which made the song even more menacing; rather than tumbling through the hood mindstate, "Part II" reveled in gritty uncertainty, all underscored by that louder-than-ever tapping on the piano, and over-prounounced hook, leaving one of the most classic and recognizable hip-hop tracks in its wake.