Better Than Original?: Yes

The reason we take the sequel over the original (by a nose) is because the sequel leaves Havoc in a fucked up situation making it one of the darkest endings of any Mobb Deep song. The original has a similar storyline in the first verse, except that Prodigy approaches danger and then avoids it. The second verse had Havoc setting someone up and killing them. Guess Havoc couldn't take his own advice because in the sequel he creeps over to a girl's crib and gets set up himself. Having Havoc being taken hostage to face a gun to the dome is one thing, especially because a lot of the violence in Mobb Deep songs feel existential and dreadfully constant, not literal and current. But the real kicker is the song trails off as soon as Hav actually gets in touch with his crew, so you never really know if/how he makes it out.