Better Than Original?: No

It's sort of bewildering to hear the original "The Watcher" today since it came out in 1999 and it had Dr. Dre rapping from the perspective of, "I'm an elder statesman watching these young kids" and now it's 14 years later and he's still in the game. The sequel finds Jay-Z taking kids to task not for their shortcomings in the rap game, but their lack of experience in the drug game. Dre kicks his verse off with rhymes similar to his bars on "Still DRE" (which, what do you know, Jay coincidentally wrote) but Rakim steals the show. Fresh off the success of "Addictive," a rejuvenated 18th Letter dropped a top-notch verse, giving hope to the upcoming Dr. Dre/Rakim collaboration album, titled Oh My God, which sadly never came to fruition.