Better Than Original?: Toss-up

Eminem has always been the most isolated of stars—his music didn't exist on the same plane as contemporary pop, but also, he didn't really exist on the same soundscape as contemporary rap either. Eminem albums didn't have him rapping over rap beats, he rapped over Eminem beats. That's why "Bitch Please Part II" is such a treat. Like "If I Get Locked Up Tonight" before it, "Bitch Please Part II"—a sequel to an Snoop/Xzibit/Nate Dogg joint—is one of the rare instances of an Eminem song where he's rapping over a rap beat with a contemporary rap sound. And like everything else on the Marshall Mathers LP, it's one long middle-finger waving verse, overloaded with multi-syllable rhymes and shots at Billboard Editor-In-Chief Timothy White, with a quick interpolation of Snoop's flow from the original song to go with it.