Producer: Dr. Dre
Album: No One Can Do It Better
Label: Ruthless

Almost every N.W.A. song was, at least in spirit, a posse cut, but the group only truly qualified with their D.O.C. collaboration "Grand Finale." Over ascending organs and live drums courtesy of DJ Yella, Ice Cube drops one of his most intense verses, balancing dexterity with a bulldozer's power. The ever-underrated MC Ren kills his verse ("And when I enter the party, niggas shittin' themselves!") before Eazy E's high-pitched vocal style cuts through like a knife, especially with the timeless "Fuck a car, I do a mothafuckin' walk-by!" D.O.C. concludes the track, climaxing with an intricate pattern before threatening to send your ass to the temple of doom. And make sure to stick around for the end of the track, when Dre shouts out the "super-dope manager Jerry Heller." How times have changed. David Drake

Best Verse: D.O.C.